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Why Independent Productions?

Independent Productions, Inc. (IPI) is a full service booking agency and promotions company. IPI has been providing excellent entertainment to clubs, colleges, concerts and corporations for over 25 years. Under the leadership of Libby Anthony, the company president and CEO, IPI has expanded its services to include record promotions, event planning and production and consultation in career development.

Ms. Anthony incorporated Independent Productions in Georgia in October 1977. The temporary employment agency initially specialized in the employment of local (Atlanta) and regional musicians in the southern United States. During this time IPI worked with regional hot bands (such as Magga Brain, Freedom, Sho-Nuff, Third World) that provided most of the club, college and event entertainment to southern Black America.

As trends changed, IPI changed also and began seeking out groups with hot recordings. IPI began booking acts such as Melba Moore, Al Hudson, J. Blackfoot, Brick and others around the region and nation. As buying contacts expanded nationally, tours were arranged by IPI for artists such as After 7, Lakeside, Roger/Zapp and others.

In 1990, the company developed an entertainment network to encourage talent buyers to work and buy entertainment collectively. “Network News” (a monthly newsletter) was published by the Independent Productions Network to keep buyers up to date on artists’ itineraries and other happenings in the industry. Under Anthony’s direction the concept was refined and emerged as the National COPE (Club Owners, Promoters & Entertainment) Conference, Inc. in 1994.

IPI and Libby Anthony were responsible for fund-raising and planning of the National COPE Conference. COPE found benefit from sponsorship and support from such corporations as Miller Brewing Company, Seagram, Bacardi, Anheuser Busch, Philip Morris, R J Reynolds, Columbia Records, etc. Through COPE, IPI still services a national network of entertainment buyers, artists, executives and supporters.

A talented writer, Libby Anthony has published articles in numerous magazines and publications. She served as editor of “Network News” and is author of “College Concert Handbook”, a how-to of concert production and promotion. Additionally, she served as editor of “The COPE Times”.

Libby Anthony is a doer -- a “get-the-job-done” person who approaches a project with the attitude “we will get results." Whether setting up a concert tour, convincing entrepreneurs to work together or promoting an artist’s latest product to the media and public around the country - Independent Productions, Inc. and Libby Anthony will Get the Job Done!

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